Monday, March 9, 2009

9 out of 10 homeless people choose MTA

The MTA has 4 shifts.  But you only have 4 or more hours of life to hand over to the MTA every day.  They want to keep you on that train for a long time.  Somehow, someone profits from that.  

You can catch a good train ride on weekday mornings from 7-8.  

If you fuck up and get on the train between 8 and 10, you can experience agony.  Because the train conductor is getting a divorce/ his wife cheated on him/ he is a woman/ her husband is cheating on her/ abortion.  the savings are passed on to you in the form of 50 people in the space of 8 people.

10 am through 5 pm you may get a foreigner.  

Then you'll travel home.   The difficulty going home is that the conductor will probably be insane.  He (she) may jabber at you (standclearadoorstandcleardadoorSTANDCLEAR!!!!adadoors) or thrust uninteligable nonsense on you via the speaker [(loud crackling)(twenty-two-seven-OK. (loud crackling)We have a red signal due to... (shriek)(loud crackling) Stand clear)].  And you'll be lucky not to go backward.  

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  1. "you always remember your first one [victim train tramples]" - foreign train conductor

    He also said: "never let a cop near a bum...I've seen them do such things to em..."

    Conductor analysis is twice.