Friday, August 14, 2009

July?/Help me, Howard

There have been several comments made, both over the web and in the far-less-common mode of communication of face to face conversation, regarding the lack of posts during the month of July. Some have questioned whether this meant the MTA was actually useful/efficient/enjoyable during this time period.
Ha. Haaa.
It simply meant the Muad'Dib was prevented from his/her usual prophecies and explanations. Prevented.
How, you ask? Well. Was it not mentioned in several previous entries that we were dealing with Pirates*? And dumpsters full of corruption? And alien babies? This is no small Web of Evil...
But we digress. The point is, your ever-faithful and heroic Muad'Dib was in the throes of something so perilous and mysterious that we can make no further mention of it...that is, until it is published. And then we will blow you away with the MTA's new levels of gross misconduct, illegal shenanigans, and generally asshole-ish shit that we uncover.

*Please see post from March 30th, 2009


  1. While the prophet sleeps, a new breed of goons spreads across the subway system:


  3. The MTA is a model of excellence in public transportation. The many times I have used its subways and busses resulted in prompt arrival at my destination (and in good humour, no less). The employees are well-trained, considerate and caring. The prices are entirely fair, to say the least. I have often wondered if I should offer to pay more! I fear this site sends the wrong message to the public.